The only dog camera that throw treat, laser game and play HD music.

Full HD camera + Night vision
Fun Laser Game
Treat Tossing Game
Amazing HD Music


Connect immediately and instant play on your phone.

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Frontpage  Pre-Order

Your dog with you wherever you go

Play and talk to your dog whenever you go. Petkix equipped with most advance Treat tossing and laser game.

When our dog need you

Barking alert will send you a notification when your dog need your attention.

Your dog's dairy

Built in AI recognition, detecting your dog and make his daily video.

The new sound of home

High quality speaker bring amazing music to your house.

Sharing Photo & Video

Send your dog's most fun moment to your friend, social media.

Absolute Privacy

Built in camera cover, protect your privacy when you are home.


Don’t take our word,. See what our experts says about the watch. We have got over 1000s of positive reviews.

I've been playing with this for a few days now and I love it, if i'm gone too long I worry about my dog but this makes it so easy to check up on him.

Set up on this was super duper easy and connection was fast. They also have the bluetooth speaker built in. The music coming from this sounds incredible. I am not an expert by any means concerning speakers but I do know when the music sounds crystal clear.

This is a must for any pet owner! This gives you some peace of mind when you have I leave your pet home alone! You can check in on them, and talk to them.


Here’s a roadmap of our product to highlight the milestones from the initial phase to delivery and future updates.

DEC 2019

Packing and Shipping

NOV 2019

Assembly and Quality Control

OCT 2019

Mass Production

SEP 2019

Finalize hardware, IOS and Android App

AUG 2019


JUL 2019

Working with Manufacturers

APR 2019

User experience, feedback and video

MAR 2019

Small Scale Production

JAN 2019

CES Featured, VTV1 and PetTech Featured

Petkix received many positive feedback from retailers and investors from CES 2019 at Las Vegas

DEV 2018

Finalized detail for production

OCT 2018

More Beta users test

SEP 2018

Fully function prototype with Smartphone App

AUG 2018

Added more feature

June 2018

Second 3D printed prototype

May 2018

Beta user test

APR 2018

IOS & Android app development

FEB 2018

Inhouse testing

JAN 2018

First 3D printed prototype

DEC 2017

Electrical & mechanical design

OCT 2017

Idea is born and market research


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